San Fong hardest dies Co. Ltd. is a special manufactory which producing various Tungsten Carbide cold drawing dies and hot extrusion dies. The uses of above dies include drawing wire, rods, tubing of every kind of metal and the hot extruding of every shape of copper, brass and aluminium... etc and even better to develop the screw cold drawing die 1980.

This development has created the feel of art for the metal tubing asbrass and iron... etc and let people have the chance the choice more beautiful and divestiform furniture, ornament and decoration for the house. All of the dies of San Fong hardest dies Co.Ltd. are polished by liquid polisher that was purchased from EXTRUDEHONE in USA to ensure the surface of mold bright and smooth as a mirror.

It is suitable for powder metallurgy mold and press mold... etc.(Our liquid polishers use the material of diamond to polish the die)